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    Problem with Scoreboard on demos

    Try this
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    Add insecure mode for cheaters :(

    Cheating since 2016 and asking for insecure mode in non-steam game 🙃
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    Problem with Scoreboard on demos

    This is expected in PoV demos, even with old v34 clients. With a proper movie config you can hide the scoreboard
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    [URL unfurl="true"]

    [URL unfurl="true"]
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    Need Help related to sounds

    Are you talking about the music after C4 has been planted? Just delete the sound file that's located in mod that you have installed...
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    VoiceData Exploit

    ClientMod is fixed against voice exploit and for SourceTV, just rename it as a workaround. And for the future I recommend you to use Linux instead of Windows because Linux has better stability and a better firewall. Srcds v34 works great on Ubuntu 18 with kernel v4